Handling a dog with separation anxiety

Dog separation anxiety is that syndrome that is seen in most dogs. It refers to that situation where dogs start behaving in a different manner way worse than normal. This separation anxiety occurs when dogs are bonded with their owners in more than required manner. People usually unearth this separation anxiety in their dogs when they are off work for many days i.e. they are on a leave and spend most of the time with their pets. Dogs, as a social animal, get use to your presence all the time and when you go to work after your leave they tend to show signs of behavioral changes like whining, barking, and crying at inappropriate times of the day. Owners often complain that their dog is crying all day long or tearing away the costly furniture.

Dog separation anxiety can in a way disturb a dog’s mental health. As a beloved owner, one obliviously wouldn’t want to spoil their dog’s mental health and thus one should take care of the situation before it worsens. Dog separation anxiety is meant to be treated and if it is not done at an appropriate time, then be prepared for the brutal consequences. Dog separation anxiety cures are available in wide numbers but one should take time to unearth the best cures available for their dogs. Some of the steps to be followed that can result in effective control over the situation are:

  • The first and the foremost step before starting to find dog anxiety cures is to identify the symptoms viz. Does your dog jumps on visitors? Does your dog whine, cry and barks at inappropriate times of the day or all the time? Does he spin in circles whenever he senses separation? If the answers to the above questions are a ‘yes’, then you need to do something real fast, otherwise you will end up losing your dog’s mental health.
  • Dog separation anxiety can be effectively cured by following various behavioral therapies. These behavioral therapies are nothing but, in a way, teaching the dog the proper way to behave in the absence of their owners.
  • Leave your dog alone each day for a few minutes and then slowly increase the time limit from minutes to hours and longer, this will help the dog be alone and will boost up his lost confidence. At first, the dog will bark, cry, run, whine and attain the destructive kind of behavior, but once he calms down, this theory will start to work.
  • Do not greet the dog in a very loving manner on your return; just give him a tap on his head saying ‘hey buddy’ and just try to ignore him. This theory teaches the dog about being alone and to not depend on his master for all the wrong reasons.
  • Make your dog practice various exercises like walking, playing with balls and frisbees, coupled with running, this will make the dog tired and a tired dog always wants some time off to snooze.
  • Hire a dog trainer and make the dog practice different forms of physical and mental training.
  • Dog separation anxiety cures are available in wide numbers but the only thing is one should find the best for their dogs.

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